Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa look poised to explode

— Via Excerpt from Article: Everyone’s going in on virtual assistants. Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, Google has Google Assistant, Amazon has Alexa, and there’s a whole bunch of chatbots and competitors in between.

AI Is Here to Help You Write Emails People Will Actually Read

— Via Excerpt from Article: Related Galleries Slide: 1 / of 5 Caption: Respondable analyzes your email message and predicts how likely it is to get a response based on several different factors. Slide: 2 / of 5 Caption: An email can score poorly in one or more areas and still be be considered…

Blockai’s new tool combines tweeting and claiming copyright

— Via Excerpt from Article: Blockai is supposed to help photographers and artists defend their intellectual property. Now it’s launching a new feature to make that process easier — or at least better-integrated with Twitter.

Now computers can clone your handwriting with creepy accuracy

— Via Excerpt from Article: Researchers at University College London have created an algorithm capable of taking a sample of hand-written text and imitating it, allowing a computer to write in the style of a real person. We’re not talking about a simple “handwritten” typeface, either.

Wonder is a bot that will remember anything for you

— Via Excerpt from Article: Quick! What’s your gym locker combination? Your girlfriend’s favorite Starbucks order? The type of ink your printer uses? Can’t remember? Gotta look it up? There’s a lot of information that we can’t access via a Google search, but instead tend to make a mental note of in order to…

Why is now the time for artificial intelligence?

— Via Excerpt from Article: Artificial intelligence, or A.I., has been around since the start of computing and has had many false starts. The reality did not live up to the expectations set by science fiction. Accordingly, for many years, the majority of people’s understanding of A.I.

CareSkore gets $4.3M to bring machine learning to preventive care

— Via Excerpt from Article: Among other things, CareSkore wants to use machine learning to anticipate mortality. However, the newly endowed platform is more than just a Facebook poll that tells you how you’ll meet your end this Christmas by being squashed by a falling piano.