Google’s AI is getting really good at captioning photos

— Via Excerpt from Article: It’s great to be an AI developer right now, but maybe not a good time to have a job that can be done by a machine. Take image captioning — Google has released its “Show and Tell” algorithm to developers, who can train it recognize objects in photos with…

Facebook Messenger adds group chat Polls and AI payment suggestions

— Via Excerpt from Article: Facebook’s chat app wants to help you and your friends decide where to go for dinner or what movie to see, then use machine learning to remind you to pay them back. Today Messenger users on iOS and Android in the US get two new features which could roll…

Apple acquires another machine learning company: Tuplejump

— Via Excerpt from Article: Apple is on a machine learning company buying spree. After buying Perceptio at the end of 2015 and Turi just a few months ago, Apple has now acquired an India/US-based machine learning team, Tuplejump. We’d been hearing rumors of another acquisition in this space by Apple for some time.

Getting Press for Your Startup

— Via Excerpt from Article: Michael Seibel, Y Combinator CEO, on press strategies for startups. The best press advice I ever got was from Mike Arrington and M.G. Siegler while they were speaking at an SV Angel CEO conference. They said: Treat PR like biz dev. Once I heard that, everything clicked.

Google Drive gets machine-learning search features

— Via Excerpt from Article: Google this week debuted new search and natural-language-processing (NLP) features in its Drive cloud storage service. The key NLP features, which Google has invested in for many years, will be familiar to Google Search users.

Need Some AI? Yeah, There’s a Marketplace for That

— Via Excerpt from Article: Diego Oppenheimer is worried that the Googles and the Facebooks will dominate the world of artificial intelligence. It’s a legitimate worry. Elon Musk and Sam Altman are worried about the same thing. That’s why they created a startup called OpenAI.